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Custom Printing

Customization: 2 options

Your tri gear totally personalized

Since 2003, Kiwami has helped individuals, coaches, club and College teams to create the best custom triathlon gear for their needs. Kiwami's responsive service is now well established and helps answer the most urgent situations.

Prepare your next race or coming season with Kiwami. You race, we care.

Custom Printing

Your imagination is the limit

Semi-Custom, Full Custom : choose your best option.

1 - Kiwami Triathlon Custom PrintFlex printing - Semi Custom - ITU Print

Maximum flexibility

The perfect solution for limited quantities orders : 1 item or more.
Logos, text, names are cut from a polyurethane support and applied to the garment via heat transfer process. This proven and well mastered option is the preferred choice of countless athletes, amateurs and professionals.

Choose your gear and add "Custom Printing" option.

Minima :
No minimum quantity to order is required. We can customize just 1 item. Teams/groups can order any item available on our website :

Turnaround :
Semi-custom items ship within 3-4 days of received payment. Faster and same-day service is available upon request. Invoice is emailed after validation and payment is required before work can start.

Design :
You can submit your logo files, text, names. If necessary we provide a visual, free of charge. Logos can be single or multi color.

Charges (as of 09/01/18) :
$7.30 - $8.20 per name text
$9.40 - $15.30 per logo depending upon logo file quality, logo size and colors.

Reminder :
Semi-custom does not allow for changes in the fabric's colors.

Logo files :
Vector format files (.ai or .eps) are preferred. If not available, .jpeg and .pdf can be submitted.

Guarantee :
Logo prints are guaranteed 1 year provided basic care instructions are respected : hand wash and no machine dry.

Non Kiwami Suit :
Custom print service is available on non Kiwami branded tri gear. Send you inquiry to

A large choice :
Any item on our website can be customized.

Flexibility :
Each athlete in your team can opt for her/his preferred gear. Athletes' names can be added on demand as well.

Perfect for ITU racing :
ITU compliant suit is ready in 2-3 days of placed order. Faster and same day service available upon request.

Kiwami Triathlon - Texas University Kiwami Triathlon - Liz Kiwami Triathlon - Multisport Explosion Kiwami Triathlon - Brad Williams

2 - Kiwami Triathlon SublimationSublimation

A tailor-made creative service :

Kiwami's expertise in the sublimation process allows you to design a completely unique tri gear. Sublimation preserves the technical qualities of our fabrics and offers you performance in a resolutely original design.

Start Now

Minima :
20 pieces minimum per model for the first order (as in 20+ women's tops, 20+ men's tops, 20+ trisuits, for ex).
10 pieces minimum per model for following orders.

Turnaround :
8-10 weeks maximum after validation of the order. We may offer shorter turnaround times when order is placed off season (September to December).

Logo files :
To shorten the design process, we prefer working off vector format files (.ai or .eps). Sometimes we can handle .jpeg and .pdf files.

Unlimited creativity :
There's no limit as to what can be printed and what color you can choose. Yes, we can print a purple unicorn on your trisuit :)

Durability :
Your design is printed into the fabric's structure to guarantee a permanent print with intense colors without affecting the fabric's qualities.

Cost efficiency :
There is no limit as far as the number of logos or text to be added on the gear.

Ecological process :
Our technique uses water-based and solvents-free solutions. Our inks do not contain endocrine disruptors nor heavy metals.

Kiwami Triathlon - MMTT Kiwami Triathlon - Michigan University Kiwami Triathlon Multisport Explosion Kiwami Triathlon ATM Texas University

I received my kit today and it looks great! I’m absolutely blown away by your customer service and unreal turnaround time. Thanks again for all of your help!

- Nate

The suit arrived this evening and it looks AMAZING! I’m so impressed and thankful for all you guys did! You guys went above and beyond to get the job done right and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you thank you thank you! I will definitely be sending my future projects to you guys and sending anyone else with similar needs your way!

- Morgan

I received my kits and you exceeded my expectations !! The suits look fantastic and am 100% pleased ... plus they fit :-). Thank you for super service - will be ordering more in the future! Thanks again

- Karen

Thank you for trusting us with your buisness